Richard Chatham, Art SMART Art Caddy creatorMeet Richard Chatham

Richard Chatham is a creator, an inventor and an oil painter. A retired architect, Richard started taking oil painting classes in 2011. He quickly realized he needed a good way to transport his tools and supplies to class. He saw how others managed this – with tackle boxes, shopping bags, backpacks and buckets. He saw how long it took students to find and set up everything to start painting each night, and how long it took to put everything away!

He began designing a caddy to transport his materials to class. His first model was made of wood. When fully loaded, it was a bit cumbersome to carry. But, never daunted, he went back to the drawing board and redesigned the caddy to more exacting specifications.

Today, The Be Art SMART Painter’s Art Caddy is the perfect solution for both beginners and professional painters. Load it with your brushes, tools, paints and mediums. Carry it to class, quickly set up and get to work. Carry it to workshops or outdoors for plein air* painting. It’s convenient, keeping your tools and supplies organized and handy, on the go or in the studio.

For Richard, life’s motto is, “Never stop creating – and don’t let anything get in the way of the creative process.”

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